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Signs and Symbols:


Also called Tyr
Letter: T
Old Norse name: Tyr
Flower: red hot poker
Gem: coral
Number: 3
Tyr is one of the oldest Teutonic deities, and Teiwaz is the oldest name known for Tyr, who was a war god. Often Teiwaz in a reading indicates that the querent has taken up a battle for a cause or for justice-this is the rune of the reformer, the campaigner, the activist.
You may have already guessed it from the way Teiwaz looks, but let me spell it out for you: Teiwaz often indicates a male (even if the querent is a female) and/or the active, impregnating energy of the male.
If the querent is female, Teiwaz represents the influence and assistance of a strong male in the querent's life.
Teiwaz reversed most often indicates that enthusiasm for the cause is waning, that the querent is ready to give up the fight. If the querent can be patient, the outcome will generally be to his benefit, especially if Teiwaz reversed is surrounded by upright or otherwise positive runes.
Reversed, Teiwaz can indicate sterility in the male, especially if the reading is focused on such a question or problem.

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