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Signs and Symbols:


Also called Man
Letter: M
Old Norse name: Madr
Flower: foxglove
Gem: garnet
Number: 8
The literal translation of Mannuz is that of mankind, and the interdependence of the human race. Each person, no matter how small, has a part to play in the pattern of life, and each person is important in that pattern.
In that respect, Mannuz in a reading indicates that the querent can expect to receive assistance or cooperation of another person. Often that assistance is objective and has no ulterior motive-it is just one human being assisting another for the simple fact that it is the right thing to do.
When looked at from this viewpoint, Mannuz can often indicate those people who are in helping professions-doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen, etc.
Sometimes, Mannuz appears in a reading when the querent has become too involved in a situation and needs to step back and try to take a more objective view. If Mannaz falls with negative runes, it signifies that the problem at hand is threatening to swamp the querent, and she should not hesitate to seek outside help (for example, if the problem is a health issue, perhaps the querent should seek extra medical assistance).
When reversed, Mannuz often indicates that the querent cannot expect help from others; she is on her own.
Mannuz reversed is a prime significator of selfishness-in other words, the querent has cut himself off from his fellow man, has become too stand-offish, too disconnected from the world. Mannuz reversed is telling the querent that he needs to reconnect with his role in the scheme of humanity and plug back in.
On occasion, Mannuz reversed can indicate a foreign country, a foreigner, or a person whose way of life is completely alien to the querent. This person often holds a great deal of fascination for the querent-and romantic tendencies are possible if the other runes in the reading suggest relationships.

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