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Signs and Symbols:


Also called Ur
Letter: U
Old Norse name: Ur
Flower: nasturtium
Gem: carbuncle (extra energy)
Number: 3
Traditionally, Uruz symbolized the aurochs, a wild bison once common in northern Europe but now extinct. Our male Teutonic ancestors were not considered men until they had participated in a successful hunt and kill of an aurochs, a primitive rite of passage.
Thus, in a runecast Uruz upright indicates a chance to prove oneself or a dramatic change, one that puts the querent in a new situation. It can indicate a promotion or new responsibility. While the querent may see this as a daunting or frightening situation, it should be considered a natural, inevitable change-like the change from adolescence to adulthood.
Uruz can also indicate male energy and the positive aspects of Mars-energy, willpower and determination. In health questions, Uruz indicates strength, stamina, and resistance. In many readings, the appearance of Uruz means that improvement is coming but only through the querent's own willpower, self-determination, and resilience.
Uruz reversed in an otherwise positive runecast tells the querent not to let opportunity slip by. In an otherwise negative runecast, however, Uruz reversed indicates that the opportunity should be left alone. Sweeping change is coming, but that change is usually not to the querent's benefit.
Uruz reversed can also indicate ill health or weak will.

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